Definitions for "Color Palette"
A list of colors to be used in a particular publication. Once defined from a master list of all colors a color appears on the color palette so that it may be easily used to color elements of the publication.
The box to the right (by default) that shows available colors and the two Active Colors (one for each mouse button). The palette contains a spectrum starting with red. Left clicking on the desired color in the spectrum puts that color in current color box directly below it (Active Color Panel). Right click to change the color for that button bottom box.
There are two active colors. In the image to the right, green is the foreground color and black is the background color in the active color box To change just one of the colors, click within either the foreground or background color box, in the active color box, depending on which color you wish to change To switch the colors, one with the other, click on the little "L" shaped arrow beside the color boxes in the active color box To choose a random color, run your mouse over the color panel, clicking on it when the desired color appears in the current color box.
n. A set of colors that can be displayed on the screen at one time. This can be a standard set used for all images or a set that can be customized for each image.
a group of colors available to an image
a list of all the colors in an image
The set of approved colors to be used throughout communications. This applies to color fields and type, not to photographic imagery.
Software's tool for choosing a desired color for use with many of the filters and transitions. A color might be chosen to be replaced, to be keyed out, to be changed, etc.
A system of designated colors that are used in conjunction with each other to achieve visual consistency.
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The bar (or bars) on the edge of the view containing the color buttons.
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a list of the colors available to the file
Contains all the colors available to the windowing system, the drawing surface, or a window and its views.
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See Color map
A limited selection of colors used by an organization as part of an identity system.
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The total number of colors possible. Sometimes referred to in bits. (8-bit, 16-bit, 24 bit, etc.)