Definitions for "Palette"
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A thin, oval or square board, or tablet, with a thumb hole at one end for holding it, on which a painter lays and mixes his pigments. Hence, any other object, usually one with a flat surface, used for the same purpose.
The complete set of colors used by an artist or other person in creating an image, in any medium. The meaning of this term has been extended in modern times to include the set of colors used in a particular computer application, or the complete set of of colors available in computer displays or printing techniques.
The complete range of resources and techniques used in any art, such as music.
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A small window that can be moved around the screen. The window contains frequently used tools or settings for a software program
a stack of bricks on a wooden base
a tool used by the Builder to provide various options to the author of the Fluency interface
In the Predynastic Period geometrical and animal-shaped small slabs of stone were used for grinding cosmetics. The protodynastic period was marked by the appearance of large ceremonial palettes bearing carved reliefs commemorating important events.
Flat stone, often slate, sometimes shaped in form of a fish or animal and with a shallow depression for grinding of malachite.
small slab of stone used for grinding cosmetics in pre-dynastic Egyptian times; later, large ceremonial palettes bearing carved reliefs commemorated important events.
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Palette Knife Palimpsest
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One of the plates covering the points of junction at the bend of the shoulders and elbows.
one of the rounded armor plates at the armpits of a suit of armor
Keywords:  breastplate, drill, breast
A breastplate for a breast drill.
Keywords:  cra, cisco, editor, steps, grouping
A grouping of steps in the Cisco CRA Editor.
Keywords:  beside, dialog, canvas, floating, stage
a permanently displayed dialog usually floating beside a work area like a stage or canvas
a simple library where hexadecimal values are given names
Keywords:  drag, templates, drop, html, window
A window containing component s that you can drag and drop into HTML files to create pages and templates.
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See beans palette.
n. A set of mutually exclusive, typically graphical, choices.
The vertical column of buttons to the left of the drawing area that is used to place objects on the drawing area.
Keywords:  window, options, apply, object, image
A small window of options you can apply to an object or image you create.