Definitions for "Color Correction"
The process of altering colors as they appear in a digital image or in print to ensure they accurately represent the work depicted. Media DynamX does this to ensure optimal image quality in all of it's projects.
The use of color filters or dichroics to adjust for varying color temperatures in different sources. Filters are available that correct to a wide variety of required color temperatures.
The act of correcting for and eliminating an unwanted color cast. Color correction is performed on an entire image (called global color correction) or on just one part (called local color correction.)
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Fixing the color in a video clip; for example, if the exposure was off when shooting and skin tones had a green tint to them.
A process that adjusts the final film print so that colors match from shot to shot no matter what type of film stock and/or camera was used to shoot the scene.
Altering color qualities such as color balance, contrast, etc to improve color tones
The altering of the color balance by modifying the ratio of the printing light values.
Methods of improving color separations.
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See Timing.