Definitions for "Tones"
Tones was Eric Johnson's second solo album. It was released in 1986 by Capitol Records. Some of the tracks are re-recordings of songs from the (at that time) unreleased album Seven Worlds.
Energy infusions, which often touch humanity on many levels. A "tone" can be emotional (as in "I don't like the tone of this conversation"), or it can refer to a color, or a musical pitch. Grammatically, it is a contraction of two words= "to one." It is a meeting place of ideas, images, and concepts which usually serves as an access key into another dimension, often through the access of a Trans-Portal.
Musical sounds
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See CDMA Ringtones.
colors obtained by adding gray to the hue of a color
Refers to the strength of grays between white and black. It relates to the brightness, lightness and darkness of the subject and is determined by illumination.