Definitions for "Dither"
To simulate gray or color in a bilevel image with a particular pixel pattern. Sample dither pattern
To simulate a color that is not part of the current palette on-screen (or in print) by combining pixels of different colors close to each other. Viewed...
A technique for simulating more colours or shades of gray than are actually available in the current output device or monitor.
a form of noise, or 'erroneous' signal or data which is intentionally added to sample data to minimize undesirable effects in digital signal processing, where a continuous range of values (or a very large set of possible discrete values) is approximated by a relatively small set of discrete symbols or integer values.
The method used in digital systems to smooth out the transitions from one bit to another at low levels. Dither makes a digital recording sound and behave more like analog. The better a recording is dithered, the higher its apparent resolution.
The technique of adding controlled amounts of noise to a signal to improve overall system loop control, or to smear quantizing error in an A/D converter application.
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dI dhEr] To periodically tilt from side to side.
A coordinated move of the telescope, tip-tilt sensor stage (TSS), M3 laser pointing mirror, and field steering mirrors (FSMs) which moves the target on the NIRC2 focal plane and leaves the LGS pointed at the target.
A controlled motion of the satellite to move the telescope boresight in a tight, slow spiral pattern that moves outward to 1.5' diameter across the sky.
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an excited state of agitation; "he was in a dither"; "there was a terrible flap about the theft"
make a fuss; be agitated
act nervously; be undecided; be uncertain
A useful oscillation of small magnitude, introduced to overcome the effects of friction, hysteresis, or clogging.
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A slight motion in the machining axis (Z) used to improve cutting stability on manual EDM machines.
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Just a plain old utensil of any kind to make a hole in the ground to drop a seed into.