Definitions for "Rosette"
An imitation of a rose by means of ribbon or other material, -- used as an ornament or a badge.
An ornament in the form of a rose or roundel, -much used in decoration.
A bunch of leaves that appear to radiate from a common point.
a decorated disk with a leaf or floral design found in the ornamentations and furnishings of tombs
decorative moulding used with casing to eliminate need for miter cut. 13
a decorative molding
Any structure having a flowerlike form; especially, the group of five broad ambulacra on the upper side of the spatangoid and clypeastroid sea urchins. See Illust. of Spicule, and Sand dollar, under Sand.
A flowerlike color marking; as, the rosettes on the leopard.
a fun way of telling another dog or cat that you like them
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The pattern created when all four colour halftone screens are placed at the traditional angles.
The pattern created when all for CMYK color halftone screens are printed at traditional angles, shown to produce the best results in printed color output. The rosette pattern is noticeable only under magnification. to top
The pattern created when color halftone screens are placed on conventional screen angles.
Rosette (b. Rosette Sharma) is a 21 year old Canadian R&B singer. She was raised in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia and graduated from Riverside Secondary School.
A group of sampling bottles that are attached to a conducting cable and lowered over the side of a ship. Each sample bottle can be triggered to collect water and specific depths. When the Rosette is brought back on board the ship, the water from each bottle is extracted and used to make measurements on the salinity, nutrient composition, bacterial composition, etc. at specific depths. The Rosette is typically used with a CTD.
Oceanographic instrumentation package found on most research vessels. Rosettes are designed to be lowered to depths of interest while collecting data of various types. Most Lowered-ADCPs are mounted on rosettes.
A combination of a button and a tassel. An ideal embellishment for pelmets, cushions and couches.
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Printed shapes where a dot of each of the four process colours loosely forms a circle. Rosettes are used because the dots comprising a colour must print close together to be less noticeable, but not on top of each other which would change the colours.
A mark in an animal's fur where a number of closely placed spots form an unbroken circle.
refers to a spot within a spot. These two or three toned markings may be of various shapes such as doughnut shaped, arrow head shaped, paw print shaped, etc.
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Large dried pork (beef) sausage, from area around Lyon.
a group of stones set closely together around a larger center stone.
rhizoctinia disease of potatoes
a six-membered supermacrocycle
a symbol of recognition and affiliation, and is an attractive and elegant presentation that is usually worn on lapels by both men and women
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the Lord, messianic hope, promise, love..
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A second or subsequent award of a medal is sometimes denoted by a metal rosette sewn to the medal ribbon. (see also Bar and Clasp).
a quite arbitrary compliment by a member of the reviewing team to a performance which seems very special or illuminating
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One of the wavy cams set on the spindle of a rose engine
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A rose burner. See under Rose.
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a plant that rises from a distinct crown
Short bunchy habit of plant growth.
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A trim plate attached to the door under the knob.
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A small piece of wood placed on the wall into which the hand rail terminates. Click here to see a photo of a rosette.
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A red color. See Roset.