Definitions for "decorated"
(style) - historical division of English Gothic architecture covering the period from . 1290 to . 1350. It was characterised by a desire to break up the lines of a structure, typified by the use of the ogee arch or window, and could be quite rich and even frivolous.
(Gothic) - second English Medieva l phase from late c13 to 1450. With multiple lancets pointed windows, ogee or s-curve tracery, complex vaulting, large clerestories and inscribed decoration. Refer: Early English and Perpendicular.
The name used to denote the architecture style between 1275 and 1350 (+/- 25 years) (More...)
to give a medal or other honor or award to somebody to acknowledge bravery, dedication, or achievement.
Adorned, embellished, or made more attractive by means of color or surface detail.
provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction
having decorations.