Definitions for "Spindle"
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The long, round, slender rod or pin in spinning wheels by which the thread is twisted, and on which, when twisted, it is wound; also, the pin on which the bobbin is held in a spinning machine, or in the shuttle of a loom.
A slender rod or pin on which anything turns; an axis; as, the spindle of a vane.
The vertical rod on which the runner of a grinding mill turns.
contains fibers which form a network of achromatic filaments that extend inward from the poles of a dividing cell, forming a spindle-shaped figure. They move the centromeres around, causing the rest of each chromosome to follow. This process ensures that each chromosome moves to its proper place during mitosis, when a cell divides to give rise to two cells, and during meiosis, the process of cell division that gives rise to eggs or sperm.
The set of tubulin fibers that appear to move eukaryotic chromosomes during division. The microtubule apparatus that controls chromosome movement during mitosis and meiosis.
(biology) tiny fibers that are seen in cell division; the fibers radiate from two poles and meet at the equator in the middle; "chromosomes are distributed by spindles in mitosis and meiosis"
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The shaft, mandrel, or arbor, in a machine tool, as a lathe or drilling machine, etc., which causes the work to revolve, or carries a tool or center, etc.
A shaft or pipe on which a core of sand is formed.
Component in the Motor/Base Module of a rotary system, which couples the motor shaft to the piston. The spindle contains a spherical bearing which accepts the piston drive pin.
a woodworking machine rotating on a vertical axis in which shaped cutters are mounted for cutting mouldings, rebates and similar features in wood
a device used to hold the tags gathered at the end of the processing chutes, in their proper sequence.
A spindle is the part of a CNC Milling machine that holds the cutters and spins at speeds of up to 12000 RPM s. Due to the presence of the spindle, some cuts - particularly very deep and narrow cuts - require special set-ups and attention.
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Same as Baluster
Any marine univalve shell of the genus Rostellaria; -- called also spindle stromb.
Any marine gastropod of the genus Fusus.
A network based in Montpellier.* Peter Churchill - organiser* André Girard
the part that the record revoles around. There are 4 basic types. A single play manual spindle, a stacking small hole spindle, a spindle that is thick, made for stacking large-hole 45's, and a 45 "puck", for playing 45's singly.
The part of the door handle usually of square section which passes through the top hole follower in a mortice door lock to operate the springbolt.
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A yarn measure containing, in cotton yarn, 15,120 yards; in linen yarn, 14,400 yards.
a traditional measure of length used for yarn. The length varied with the material; a spindle of cotton yarn, for example, was 15 120 yards (13.826 km), and a spindle of jute was 14 400 yards (13.167 km). The cotton spindle was also equal to 18 hanks.
An EEG characteristic of Stage 2 sleep, consisting of short bursts of rhythmical responses of 13-16 Hz; slightly higher than alpha. See also electroencephalogram.
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( Tsumu kagari) -A particular pattern element of elongated oval shape, pointed on each end. (W27; V37T; L33; L63; D36)
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a completly different tool
The narrow posts supporting the handrail on a staircase.
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see mitotic spindle.
Main moving part in a handwheel operated valve
A solid generated by the revolution of a curved line about its base or double ordinate or chord.
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The fusee of a watch.
a swimming body , which measures the density of a liquid