Definitions for "Collet"
Keywords:  chuck, collar, shank, lathe, spindle
A small collar or neckband.
A small metal ring; a small collar fastened on an arbor; as, the collet on the balance arbor of a watch; a small socket on a stem, for holding a drill.
The part of a ring containing the bezel in which the stone is set.
a generally cylindrical element with a longitudinal bore
a sleeve with a cylindrical inside and a conical outside
a sleeve with a cylindri
Keywords:  acolyte, obs, servant, inferior, church
An inferior church servant. [Obs.] See Acolyte.
A spool on which the gathered strands from the bushing are wound for further processing.
A rotating cylinder onto which the glass filaments are wound during the forming stage.
Keywords:  illust, brilliant, flat, table, base
The flat table at the base of a brilliant. See Illust. of Brilliant.