Definitions for "Mandrel"
Keywords:  lathe, spindle, shaft, arbor, forged
A bar of metal inserted in the work to shape it, or to hold it, as in a lathe, during the process of manufacture; an arbor.
The live spindle of a turning lathe; the revolving arbor of a circular saw. It is usually driven by a pulley.
A tapered steel rod around which composite materials are wrapped to make a shaft.
A "spool." A mechanical device upon which long strands of material are wound. Scrap coming off a slitter line is often "mandrel wound" as opposed to chopped. (Also "Mandril.")
A form fixture or male mold used for the base in the production of a part by lay-up, filament winding or braiding.
A mechanical assembly around which a bag or carton is formed.
Keywords:  cylindrical, coil, bead, molten, akin
A metal tube used to support molten glass as it is formed into a bead. The mandrel creates the hole in the bead.
a cylindrical male mold that functions somewhat akin to a rolling pin
A cylinder looking unit that is used with coil binding machines with a coil inserter. The coil winds around the mandrel before being inserted into the punched document. The size of the mandrel depends on the size of coil being used.
A fiber wrapping device used to cause attenuation within a fiber cable.
A fibre wrapping device used to cause attenuation within a fibre cable.
(1) A form used as a cathode in electroforming; a mould or matrix. (2) Support used in bending tests. Matt finish (Matt finish) : A uniform finish of a fine texture virtually lacking specular reflectivity.
a circular structure, in microdrilling the polished portion of the drill which rides against the vee-block bearings and is integral with the microdrill
A support device for downhole instruments, eg for gas lift.
Metallic structure upon which articles to be turned are placed. Used for example in manufacturing mirrors.