Definitions for "Bead"
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The outside edge of a tire, which is stiffened by a wire.
That part of a tire that seats onto a wheel rim, normally strengthened with an embedded hoop or wire about which the casing cords are anchored.
Keeps the tire anchored to the wheel. It is constructed of one or more steel wires, which help maintain an airtight seal around the rim.
Any small globular body
A small knob of metal on a firearm, used for taking aim (whence the expression to draw a bead, for, to take aim).
A small molding of rounded surface, the section being usually an arc of a circle. It may be continuous, or broken into short embossments.
A bubble in spirits.
To form beadlike bubbles.
See glazing bead.
A metal, vinyl or rubber strip used to secure glass around the periphery of a pane. (Commercial door application)
a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture
A bead is a small object with a through hole for threading or stringing. Typically made of glass, plastic, wood and other materials
a small ball with a hole through the middle
decorate by sewing beads onto; "bead the wedding gown"
A drop of sweat or other liquid.
A glassy drop of molten flux, as borax or microcosmic salt, used as a solvent and color test for several mineral earths and oxides, as of iron, manganese, etc., before the blowpipe; as, the borax bead; the iron bead, etc.
a chandelier drop with a central hole, common to continental chandeliers
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Heavy accumulation of a coating which occurs at the lower edge of a panel or other vertical surface as the result of excessive flowing.
A thickened section at the edge of a roll of film. In cellophane slit rolls usually caused by moisture absorption into the cellulose base sheet.
Metal edge of lath or framing that finishes corners or openings and gives plaster finish continuous, smooth corners.
Grooved detail found on certain shutter components and framing material
The stationary platen of a press to which the lower die assembly is attached or the stationary part of the shear frame that supports the material being sheared and the fixed blade. Also, a narrow ridge in a sheet metal workpiece or part, commonly formed for reinforcement.
Either a depressed or raised circular (ring) configuration in the top of the cap. May be a full radius, or in some constructions a flat circular channel.
A depressed or raised circle or ring around a container or closure.
An end-form which involves creating a raised area on the tube. Generally, most beads can be formed in one punch, and can occur in either the clamp jaws or the forming punch.
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To ornament with beads or beading.
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A prayer.
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On Hinge-Guard/J-Cap style neck finishes, the collar of plastic beneath the neck area that snap-on caps rest against.
A bead is a woodworking decorative treatment applied to various elements of wooden furniture, boxes and other items.
a visual information retrieval interface using a landscape metaphor.
EPA's Biological and Economic Analysis Division
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The end product of a joint that has been welded.
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a picture while a number is not
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A record in an experiment file.