Definitions for "BULLNOSE"
Keywords:  wainscot, convex, tread, radius, tile
A rounded edge used on sinks and counters.
A ceramic tile (or other material) with a rounded edge, used to provide a finished appearance.
Tile piece that finishes off a run of tile. These pieces can also be used to turn a corner vertically or horizontally.
A profile curved through 90 degrees. Often used for verandah roofs in corrugated iron.
An awning style with a flat front and curved top.
Keywords:  remarkable, buried, dock, bow, laid
An opening at the very tip of the bow through which lines for typing up to a dock were laid. When in heavy seas and the bow buried itself itself in green water, the bullnose would produce remarkable jets of water.
Step return at the base of a staircase
(CARPET)-Colloquial name for step return, the bottom step.
A streamlined lump built up on the hood of the car for a distinctive sculpted line. Used to be made of lead..
Keywords:  radiator, front, style, shape, end
The shape of the front end, resulting from the style of radiator.