Definitions for "Rustication"
A surface treatment of a wood pipe to give it a rough texture.
masonry cut in massive blocks, sometimes in a crude state to give a rich and bold texture to an exterior wall
the roughened finish, naturally or artificially created, on blocks of stone or masonry, and the deep engraving of the joints between the blocks; rustication is often used on the facade of the ground floor of a Palladian building.
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The act of rusticating, or the state of being rusticated; specifically, the punishment of a student for some offense, by compelling him to leave the institution for a time.
temporary dismissal of a student from a university
A defined period of time during which the student is not eligible to register in their current academic program as a result of an academic review decision. After the period of rustication the student must apply for re-admission to the University of Guelph.
the condition naturally attaching to life in the country
the action of retiring to and living in the country
banishment into the country
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An incision cast around the outer edges of a unit to produce a shaded affect.
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Rustic work.