Definitions for "corrugated"
shaped into parallel folds alternately grooved and ridged; as, the surface of the ocean was rippled and corrugated.
a method of constructing sheet materials that is light yet strong and stiff
Having ridges, like a ridged chip or a metal roof. Corrugated cardboard has a corrugated layer glued to one or two flat layers, to combine strength and lightness.
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A treatment on the outside of some pottery vessels. The coils are partially impressed into each other, which strengthens the pot and creates distinctive pattern (Cassells 1997:335). Daub. Clay used to fill in the holes and gaps between the wood or thatching of a wall. It was used by both Indians and European settlers in North American to construct houses (SMU Glossary 2004).
pottery with rows of little indentation on its surface.
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(see seersuckering.)
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Having a surface that appears wrinkled.