Definitions for "Eyelets"
Keywords:  latchets, webber, swann, thornton, vass
Small round guides of carbide, ceramic, or plastic to position the wire path and protect the surface
( Lacing holes, Tie Holes) The holes in quarters, latchets or tongues through which a string, ribbon or thong is passed to hold the shoe on the foot. [Thornton/Swann, 1983] [Webber, 1989] While strictly speaking the holes for lacing, a convention has developed for using this term only for those with metal or plastic etc. binding. Where this is only visible on the inside, the term blind eyelet is used. Other holes should be termed lace holes, or stitched lace holes. All are usually reckoned in pairs, though uneven numbers may occur. [Thornton/Swann, 1983] Eyelets Holes one-eighth to one-twelfth of an inch (2-3 mm) across at intervals of two fifths to three-fifths of an inch (1-1.5 em) through which the shoe laces are threaded. Classic gentlemen's shoes normally have five pairs of eyelets. [Vass] Eyelet A small metal disc with hole in the centre used to reinforce lace holes since late 18th century. [Goubitz, 2001
Holes bound for lacings. General sewing term.