Definitions for "Scallops"
A series of deep round curves used as a decorative edging.
A series of curves forming a decorative edge around some Shades
Deep round curves. Often seen at the bottom edge of cafe curtain window treatments.
spoon-shaped hollows dissolved in the cave walls, floors, and ceilings by flowing water; the shape and size of the scallops tell scientists what direction the water was moving and how fast.
tiny, white shellfish, somewhat similar to oysters in shape and size.
The arch or scallop-shaped pattern on a light fixture.
Scallops are shallow scoops taken from hillsides. They are approximately five feet wide and somewhat deeper. These are often places where specific celestial events may be observed. In this interpretation, they would function similar to Prayer Seats and Embrasures. Often in significant Native sites, it is not unusual to see Scallops, Embrasures, and Prayer Seats all in one area.
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seafood. Yum! Can also mean fried potato slices, like flat chips
A signature sewing technique that has been used for over 50 years. This is a Wamsutta® specialty.
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