Definitions for "Fried"
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imp. & p. p. of Fry.
cooked by frying in fat
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Bihzah. "The only time my car ever breaks down is when it's right in front of my house - Isn't that fried?!?!?" Dan Lebowitz Comments (2) | Permanent link
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Fried was the second solo album by Julian Cope. It was notable for being the only notable major label release ever to feature a naked singer hiding under a giant turtle shell.
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A lane condition where the heads have little or no conditioner remaining, causing early hook; usually not desirable. Also, Fried Lanes is the unhappy situation where the entire lane surface is arid.
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High on Marijuana Hungarian: Word for grass that is also used for Marijuana
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Burned out from doing too much dope
Keywords:  stuffed, strength, energy
Stuffed. No energy or strength.
To be totally destroyed or otherwise unusable, as in "my hard drive is fried" or "the network is totally fried."