Definitions for "Strength"
The quality or state of being strong; ability to do or to bear; capacity for exertion or endurance, whether physical, intellectual, or moral; force; vigor; power; as, strength of body or of the arm; strength of mind, of memory, or of judgment.
Power to resist force; solidity or toughness; the quality of bodies by which they endure the application of force without breaking or yielding; -- in this sense opposed to frangibility; as, the strength of a bone, of a beam, of a wall, a rope, and the like.
Power of resisting attacks; impregnability.
Intensity; -- said of light or color.
the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation); "he adjusted the intensity of the sound"; "they measured the station's signal strength"
a non-greasy, fresh scent, non-staining formula for effective relief of
Intensity or degree of the distinguishing and essential element; spirit; virtue; excellence; -- said of liquors, solutions, etc.; as, the strength of wine or of acids.
Thick, concentrated liquors with pungency. In black teas, also colory and creamy.
Thick liquor, pungent and brisk.
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A strong place; a stronghold.
Strength is an attribute of an identity within an interaction which gives a technical basis upon which to believe that the specified entity is represented by the identity. [See also: Strong Identities Can Be Anonymous.
the property of being physically or mentally strong; "fatigue sapped his strength"
The measure of the energy content of an explosive in relation to nitroglycerine dynamite. See Explosive.
In explosive materials, strength is the parameter determining the ability of the explosive to move the surrounding material. It is related to the total gas yield of the reaction, and the amount of heat produced. Cf. brisance.
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Strength is Major Arcana Tarot card, numbered either XI or VIII, depending on the deck. Historically it was called Fortitude, and in the Thoth Tarot deck it is called Lust.
valuation of a hand; honor cards.
Infantry units, cavalry units, naval squadrons and leaders have a strength value, shown in the upper left and lower right corners of the card inside a bullet symbol. A depleted unit has a lower strength value than indicated on the card. The combined strength value of all active cards involved in a battle is used to determine possible die roll modifiers and the outcome of Soldiers' Battles.
The capacity of flour to produce well-leavened leaves of large bold volume. A desirable characteristic of bread making flour.
capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war; "we faced an army of great strength"; "politicians have neglected our military posture"
The stat that measures your physical power. Naturally, it affects the way you fight and carry stuff.
the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty; "the strength of his argument settled the matter"
The relative tinting or hiding power of a colored finishing material.
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Concrete strength is usually expressed in terms of pounds per square inch (PSI). 3,000 PSI is a typical specification for building foundations. A sample of wet concrete is placed in a test cylinder and after curing, the sample is compressed to its breaking point on a machine built to show a reading when the concrete breaks. Sometimes a sample is cut from the cured concrete with a circular cylinder cutter. An older and less precise measurement of strength is given in terms of "sacks" per yard. In other words a five bag mix would contain about 500 pounds of cement per cubic yard of concrete. Tie Wire -- Short pieces of wire used to secure rebars in place until the concrete has been poured and at least partially cured.
When you apply a texture to a polygon (or a Flare or a Fountain), you can control how strongly it shows up. If you want just a faint, ghostly image of your texture, set the Strength lower. If you want to put a painting on a wall or something equally sharp and clear, set the Strength to 100%.
(i) The concentration of the drug substance (for example weight/weight, weight/volume, or unit dose/volume basis) and/or (ii) The potency, that is the therapeutic activity of the drug product as indicated by appropriate laboratory tests or by adequately developed and controlled clinical data (expressed, for example, in terms of units by reference to a standard.) [From §210.3(b)(16)
strength to weight ratio: measure of a structure's strength relative to its weight
A quantitative measure of the amount of soluble solids in a coffee brew, usually expressed as a percentage (by weight) of soluble solids to water.
The properties of tensile strength, elongation, and modulus of materials. Accelerated aging may be included in the specification for strength.
Predominant infusion quality.
With regard to a cryptographic algorithm, the difficulty an attacker would have deriving plaintext input to that algorithm from the ciphertext output from that algorithm without prior knowledge of the key.
The closeness of the relationship between you and an acquaintance. This reflects the degree of trust and reciprocity in your relationship.
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an asset of special worth or utility; "cooking is his forte"
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The strength of a drug product tells how much of the active ingredient is present in each dosage.
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See Viscosity.
a naturally occurring talent multiplied by knowledge and skill
the condition of financial success; "the strength of the company's stock in recent weeks"
a fact that distinguishes us as a success from others
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A measure of how little wine is required to get one drunk.
Elements within the company's control that are considered stronger than those of its' competitors.
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substance in cup.
a proposed element that is superior because it offers an exceptional approach to meet the requirements
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The ratio of ground coffee to water.
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See also tear strength.
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Alcohol content of a wine
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A "presence" of body in the mouth.
the physical property applied to fabrics or yarns.
To strengthen.
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