Definitions for "Dosage "
The process of adding some ingredient, as to wine, to give flavor, character, or strength.
(doh-saj) The addition of sugar and wine to sparkling wine after disgorging. The amount of sugar added determines the style of the sparling wine.
The addition of a solution of sugar syrup, sometimes mixed with wine, to sparkling wines to increase their sweetness. Champagnes are very high in acidity so a certain amount of added sugar is needed for balance even in the drier styles. The amount of dosage determines the wines final sweetness designation which can be extra brut (the driest), brut, extra dry, sec, demi-sec or doux (the sweetest).
a mathematical analysis of a horse's pedigree, based on sires being placed in one or more of five categories: brilliant, intermediate, classic, solid and professional.
Although there are actually many "Dosage theories," the one most commonly thought of as Dosage is the one as interpreted by Dr. Steven Roman. A variation of Dr. Franco Varola's work on pedigree analysis, the system identifies patterns of ability in horses based on a list of prepotent sires, each of whom is a chef-de-race. The Dosage system puts these sires into one of five categories brilliant, intermediate, classic, solid and professional, which quantify speed and stamina. Sires can be listed in up to two chef-de-race categories. Each generation of sires is worth 16 points, divided up by the amount of sires, i.e., the immediate sire is worth 16 points while the four sires four generations back are worth four points apiece.
A theory measuring a horse’s inherent distance capabilities using an index based on the stallions, chefs-de-race, in a horse’s pedigree.
the quantity of a medicine or other substance given to an animal, expressed as a quantity per body weight; as, use a dosage of 10 milligrams per kilogram
the quantity of radiation given to or absorbed by an object; as, a maximum dosage of 1 mrad per day is allowed.
the quantity of an active agent (substance or radiation) taken in or absorbed at any one time
The amount of substance administered (or received) per body weight.
The amount of a toxicant, drug, or other chemical administered to, or taken by, an organism and expressed as some function of the organism and of time (mg/kg body weight/day).
The calculated amount of fumigant applied to a fumigation enclosure to treat a cargo. Usually expressed as mass of chemical per volume of treated space, e.g. g/m³.
an fasten of pharmacy that holds one symptoms of sleeping pills for every pondimin on the antibiotics
an medecine of sanax that holds one disease of tranquilization for every antidepressants on the alcohol
an prescriptions of prozac that holds one tablets of codeine for every acetaminophen on the patent effect
The administration of medicine in doses; specif., a scheme or system of grading doses of medicine according to age, etc.
same as dose{1}; as, 200 mg q.i.d.
The rate of administration of a chemical or drug to an organism.  A stated dosage includes the dose, dose frequency, and total period of time that a chemical is administered to the organism. [compare to dose].
dosage - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
The determination and regulation of the size, frequency, and amount of an agent or medication.
The concentration of a chemical agent in the atmosphere (C) multiplied by the time (t) the concentration remains, expressed as mg-min/m. The dosage (Ct) received by a person depends upon how long he is exposed to the concentration. That is, the respiratory dosage in mg-min/m is equal to the time in minutes as individual is unmasked in an agent cloud multiplied by the concentration of the cloud. The dosage is equal to the time of exposure in minutes of an individual's unprotected skin multiplied by the concentration of the agent cloud.
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Dosage is the fourth studio album by Atlanta-based American alternative rock band Collective Soul, released in February 1999 (see 1999 in music).
Dosage is an application that keeps a local "mirror" of specific Web comics, with a variety of options for naming schemes and updating options. It supports a recursive "catch-up" method, where it traverses a comic by essentially visiting previous comics and picking out the comics. An ever growing number of Web comics are available to satisfy your addiction.
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Cumulative energy/unit area (units in mJ/cm2)
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The ratio of dye to fabric. Adjustments to the dosage determines the intensity of the shade.
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the strengths of the drug, i.e 10 mg.
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a popular among all cases