Definitions for "Picking"
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A problem generally resulting from using an ink that's too tacky for the paper it's printed on. The ink actually pulls tiny pieces of the paper off the surface of the sheet. Two types of picking are fiber bundles and coating picking. Fiber bundles are caused by weak fiber bond, and coating picking occurs when the adhesive properties of coating binder aren't strong enough to hold up the high tack of the offset printing process.
The lifting and separating of fibers from the paper's surface during printing. It occurs when the tack of the ink or blanket is greater than the surface strength of the paper.
Picking is the description of a rupture on the paper surface produced during the manufacturing or printing process.
a general process of cleaning and opening matted raw cotton that produces a continuous lap ready for use on a card.
1. The operation of passing the weft through the warp shed during weaving. 2. The rectification of the face and back of a carpet after manufacture including inserting missing tufts replacing faulty ones, and repairing broken yarns in the backing. Also known as 'mending'. 3. A process preferably carried out before the final stage of fabric finishing, which involves removing by hand any contamination (such as kemp, wrong fibre, coloured hair, etc.) which has not been removed by previous processing. This process is carried out particularly during the finishing of suitings, face-finished fabrics, and cream or off-white fabrics. 4. See scutching (cotton).
The final operation in the cotton system preparation line, in which the cotton flocks are opened mechanically, cleaned, and formed into a lap of specified mass per unit area, for feeding to a carding machine. Note: Scutching (picking) machines are being extensively replaced by the combination of opening and cleaning machine units followed by chute feeding.
The act of choosing, plucking, or gathering.
Plucking or producing a sound on the guitar in general, either with the fingers or a flatpick. Sometimes refers to playing a single-note melody line.
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Pilfering; also, that which is pilfered.
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Overburned bricks.
Selection and gathering of items from a total quantity supplied (product line) to fulfill an order Building of units for consignment Consolidating delivery orders Movement process for consolidation or dissolution of goods flow (i.e. goods leave storage area in a state that is different from the state upon entry) Splitting up complete loads into individual consignments or treatment of stockkeeping units in accordance with individual orders or retrievals
the process of collecting together in the distribution centre the titles to fulfil an order.
Manipulation of the tumblers or bypassing the wards in a lock mechanism, without a key, permitting the mechanism to be unlocked
Selecting objects from a scene and manipulating them independently from the rest of the objects in the scene. For example, removing a wheel from a rendered car and moving it about on the screen.
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the quantity of a crop that is harvested; "he sent the first picking of berries to the market"; "it was the biggest peach pick in years"
the act of picking (crops or fruit or hops etc.)
Removing emulsion on a negative so that light can pass through, creating an image.
Removing non-tobacco-related material and undesirable leaves from tobacco during processing. Picking can be done when the leaves are still whole or after they have been threshed (cut into strips); it can be done pneumatically or by hand.
The process of opening fiber and/or removing foreign matter.
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That which is, or may be, picked or gleaned.
The pulverized shells of oysters used in making walks.
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Nice; careful.
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The act of digging or breaking up, as with a pick.
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Eating a steamed crab by picking out the meat
(n.) A feature of a graphics library that enables you to select primitives and objects with a pointing device.
tr. v. A means of identifying a branch of a Display List segment network via graphical input. The function pick_from_segment performs this operation.
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Rough sorting of ore.
Picking is the movement of stock from a storage area to a staging area. The Material Handling Operator will “pick” the stock which is assigned to a particular order. The operator must pay close attention and match the items listed on the order to the information on the product.
Taking products or components out of a stock.
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Done or made as with a pointed tool; as, a picking sound.