Definitions for "antique"
A collectible or other item which is old (usually at least 100 years old) and...
Old; ancient; of genuine antiquity; as, an antique statue. In this sense it usually refers to the flourishing ages of Greece and Rome.
Old, as respects the present age, or a modern period of time; of old fashion; antiquated; as, an antique robe.
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A printing paper with a rough finish but good printing surface, valued in book printing for its high volume characteristics.
The sheen on copper that is produced by age and use. Available in various shades (light, medium, dark). See also: patina
Paper surface made with a slightly rough texture (and the roughest finish offered on offset papers).
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Antique P is a province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. Its capital is San Jose and is located at the western portion of Panay Island, bordering Aklan, Capiz, and Iloilo to the east. Antique faces the Sulu Sea to the west.
An item your grandparents bought, your parents got rid of, and you're buying again.
Antique is a Swedish-Greek duo which combines Greek popular music and lyrics with a Nordic dance/pop beat. Antique's duo is Elena Paparizou and Nikos Panagiotidis. Both were born and raised in Sweden by Greek parents.
Made in imitation of antiquity; as, the antique style of Thomson's "Castle of Indolence."
Whether you wish to bring back the days of the Pilgrims or desire the styles from “Gone with the Wind”, the antique fixture sends you back to days of yore. These fixtures will bring a warming touch to your home. Usually characterized by burnished or brushed metal, this style is often reflected in traditional fixtures as well.
out of fashion; "a suit of rather antique appearance"; "demode (or outmoded) attire"; "outmoded ideas"
A genuine period piece as opposed to a reproduction. This is a Victorian cast iron combination fireplace with original tiles circa 1890.
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Odd; fantastic.
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shop for antiques; "We went antiquing on Saturday"
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of ancient times or of a bygone era.
adj. Pertaining to ancient times.
echnically, this refers to a vehicle built in 1914 or earlier.
Commonly used to describe the earliest vehicles, generally those built before 1950. More information
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an artifact from the past so futique is a kind of artifact from the future
By federal definition, a firearm manufactured prior to 1899 or a firearm for which ammunition is not generally available or a firearm incapable of firing fixed ammunition.
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an elderly man
a process which involves the application of a dark top coating over bronze or silver. This coating, either plated or painted, is partially removed to expose some of the underlying metal.