Definitions for "Thomson"
English physicist (son of Joseph John Thomson) who co-discovered the diffraction of electrons by crystals (1892-1975)
English physicist who experimented with the conduction of electricity through gases and who discovered the electron and determined its charge and mass (1856-1940)
The Japanese Elm U. davidiana var. japonica cultivar Thomson is a tough, cold-resistant selection from Canada. The tree was raised by the PFRA Nursery of Indianhead, Saskatchewan, in the 1980s. It is resistant to Dutch elm disease and elm leaf beetle.
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Thomson is a lunar crater that is located within the Mare Ingenii on the far side of the Moon. Just to the northeast is the unusual merged crater formation of Van de Graaff. On the northwest rim of the mare is O'Day crater, and to the south-southwest is Obruchev crater on the southern shore of Mare Ingenii.
United States composer who collaborated with Gertrude Stein (1896-1989)
United States electrical engineer (born in England) who in 1892 formed a company with Thomas Edison (1853-1937)
The unit Thomson is a unit that has appeared infrequently in scientific literature relating to the field of mass spectrometry as a unit of m/z. It was never widely used and is not accepted by most journals in the field. It has also been proposed within IUPAC that the unit be specifically rejected and deprecated after years of simply not being accepted by IUPAC or any other standards body.
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a strong player in the cable modem business