Definitions for "Ancient"
Keywords:  ensign, flag, bearer
An ensign or flag.
The bearer of a flag; an ensign.
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Old; that happened or existed in former times, usually at a great distance of time; belonging to times long past; specifically applied to the times before the fall of the Roman empire; -- opposed to modern; as, ancient authors, literature, history; ancient days.
Old; that has been of long duration; of long standing; of great age; as, an ancient forest; an ancient castle.
Known for a long time, or from early times; -- opposed to recent or new; as, the ancient continent.
One of the races in Atlantean Wars. Ancients have a 25% attack bonus, making them fearsome in battle.
The Ancients, also known as the Alterans and Lanteans, sometimes calling themselves Anqueetas in their language, are a human race in the fictional Stargate universe. They are the most advanced race known to have existed, having evolved millions of years prior to the present day and reaching their level of technology long before humanity evolved on Earth.
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A coin produced prior to about 500 A.D.
A coin produced prior to the generally accepted date of 500 A.D.
Refers to any coin minted before 500 A.D.
A senior; an elder; a predecessor.
One of the senior members of the Inns of Court or of Chancery.
Dignified, like an aged man; magisterial; venerable.
An aged man; a patriarch. Hence: A governor; a ruler; a person of influence.
Ancient is a Norwegian melodic black metal formed in 1992. It has released six full-length albums and it is currently signed to Metal Blade Records. Ancient used to have a raw black metal sound, similar to Darkthrone's works.
Term used to describe the use of colours which simulate natural dyes in tartan, natural dyes were used before the mid 1700s
woodland Land which has been woodland since at least AD 1600. [See " Semi-Natural Ancient Woodland" and " Replanted Ancient Woodland" below].
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East Heaven term. See Aeon.
Keywords:  versed, experienced
Experienced; versed.
In law: having twenty, thirty or more years continuous existence; used specifically in cases of defective proof; as, an ancient boundary.
Keywords:  medieval, era, pertaining, period
Pertaining to the period before the medieval era; usually before 800 ad
Keywords:  earliest, family, arms
The earliest arms used by a family
Keywords:  century, dating, time
dating from a time before the 5th century.