Definitions for "Hyksos"
A dynasty of Egyptian kings, often called the Shepherd kings, of foreign origin, who, according to the narrative of Manetho, ruled for about 500 years, forming the XVth and XVIth dynasties. It is now considered that the XVIth is merely a double of the XVth dynasty, and that the total period of the six Hyksos kings was little more than 100 years. It is supposed that they were Asiatic Semites.
people from western Asia (Palestine) who settled in the Nile delta and ruled Egypt during the Second Intermediate period (1720–1570 B.C.)
These were foreign rulers who infiltrated Egypt and succeeded in establishing their own dynasties in Dynasties 15 and 16. They succeeded by absorbing many aspects of Egyptian life and government but were eventually overthrown by the Theban princes. Kamose succeeded in driving the Hyksos out at the end of Dynasty 17.