Definitions for "Barbarian"
Keywords:  uncivilized, savage, cruel, tribe, rude
A foreigner.
A man in a rude, savage, or uncivilized state.
A cruel, savage, brutal man; one destitute of pity or humanity.
a class that is the warrior, to take damage and to keep everyone safe
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior and its sequel, Barbarian II: Dungeons of Drax are computer games. The Barbarian name was used in Europe, and in USA, the games were marketed as Death Sword.
Barbarian is a video game of the fighting genre, released originally in 2003 in Japan (under the name Warrior Blade), and in Europe in 2004. It was originally intended for a U.S. release in 2003, but this never happened. The game features 11 different fighters, each with different weapons and abilities.
A person destitute of culture.
a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement
an uncouth roughian, from the old Battal-tongue word meaning "Someone Aught To Put a Bandage Upon That
a fearsome beast on the battlefield, but that'll have its downsides
Non-city dweller. Can be human, beast or mutant. Barbarians may have adepts, but they do not have masters.
a concise and entertaining guide to successful negotiation techniques
A roleplaying personality type. 'Up and at 'em!'