Definitions for "Celts"
Keywords:  indo, isles, tribe, europe, stonehenge
An Indo-European people that spread across Europe. They had a common base to their languages and cultures, but had diversity between the tribes. See there position in the TIME-LINE
an ethnic division of early Indo-Europeans originally distributed widely across Europe but later restricted to Brittany and the British Isles
An early Briton, who had Indo-European origins.
Inhabited most of Britain and Ireland; organized in small regional kingdoms; featured mixed agricultural and hunting economies; replaced in most places by Germans. (p. 236)
lusters: Everyone begins in the clusters. Once a slave has entered into colony, he/she/it is given lodgings in the clusters. Work harder, you can move out. Clusters are free lodgings by default. By colony law, ALL slaves have the right to an area in the clusters.
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