Definitions for "Armenia"
a country in the Caucasus, formerly a part of the Soviet Union.
a landlocked republic in southwestern Asia; formerly an Asian soviet; modern Armenia is but a fragment of ancient Armenia which was one of the world's oldest civilizations; throughout 2500 years the Armenian people have been invaded and oppressed by their neighbors
an ancient country, where its kings fought against Assyria, Persia, Rome and Byzantium
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The accent in these links is on business, for instance, Doing Business in Armenia. To zero in on Armenian taxes from a broader perspective, go to Trade Point Armenia, with this page on fiscal policy (unfortunately, getting out of date). For guidance from the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan, visit their Country Commercial Guide for Armenia.
of Armenia established | established_date1 = August 23 1990 | established_date2 = September 21 1991 | established_date3 = December 25 1991 | established_date4 = August 11 2492 BC | established_date5 = 1000 BC | established_date6 = 600 BC | established_date7 = 301 AD | established_date8 = May 28, 1918 | currency = Dram | currency_code = AMD | time_zone = UTC | utc_offset = +4 | time_zone_DST = DST | utc_offset_DST = +5 | cctld = .am | calling_code = 374 | footnotes = 1 Alternatively spelled as "Erevan", "Jerevan", or "Erivan".2 Rank based on 2005 UN estimate of de facto population. }}
an intriguing tourist destination
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An very unsteady political and economic environment could deteriorate an already bad payment record.
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a small and mountainous nation with its own unique language, alphabet and culture
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Armenia accounting glossary