Definitions for "Nis"
etwork nformation ervice - NIS) Sun Microsystems' Yellow Pages (yp) client-server protocol for distributing system configuration data such as user and host names between computers on a network. Sun licenses the technology to virtually all other Unix vendors. The name "Yellow Pages" is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom of British Telecommunications plc for their (paper) commercial telephone directory. Sun changed the name of their system to NIS, though all the commands and functions still start with "yp"
Network Information Services. SUN's new name for it's old product Yellow Pages.
National Investigation Service (HM Customs and Excise)
Newly Independent States. Refers to the formerly Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Newly Independent States: used to refer collectively to the former Soviet Socialist Republics.
New Independent States
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Netaji Indoor Stadium
Nanostructure and Integration Sciences
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Norton Internet Security
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NATO Identification System
Norwegian International Ship Register.
Near-Infrared Spectrometer . One of the instruments on NEAR.
National Immunization Survey
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