Definitions for "NATO"
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North African Theater of Operations AUGHTY -- Alimbit River, New Britain AUSEATE -- Kapoli River, New Britain AVAJO -- Cape Aulop, New Britain
Military alliance of West European nations, Canada & US, created in 1949, to serve as Cold War deterrent to threat from USSR/Warsaw Pact nations. One of the most effective military alliances ever created, it's now groping to redefine its mission. Its effectiveness will be neutralised if NATO becomes the military arm of the socialist, bureaucratic UN.
orth tlantic reaty rganisation. An alliance which was formed to confront the USSR and continued after its demise. Nineteen countries are members including US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Greece. Plans are afoot to include countries bordering on Russia.
Now Anachronistic Territorial Organization.
NATO October 10 1994 is an album by Slovenian industrial / techno group Laibach, named after the NATO organisation. It is a selection of cover versions with the theme of war.
Nato is a wood that is a softer hardwood used in the construction of some Acoustic Guitars. It is Heartwood yellowish red brown, reddish brown or dark red with paler streaks. The grain is straight to commonly interlocked, very variable. It is an excellent and less expensive alternative to rosewood. Nato is very similar to Mahogany. - Category: Theory
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NATO ADatP-2(f) Automatic Data Processing (ADP) NATO Glossary, June 1991.
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(Latin) to swim.
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NATO is a desktop application that takes the pain out of managing your tasks and at various times, create reports based on that work. This solution is geared for, anyone who needs task management to help with the mechanics of software development.