Definitions for "Reconstruction"
The act or process of reorganizing the governments of the States which had passed ordinances of secession, and of reëstablishing their constitutional relations to the national government, after the close of the Civil War.
Reconstruction began with the end of the Civil War in 1865, and its goal was literally to rebuild the South. Homes, schools, hospitals, and farms had been destroyed by battle, neglect, and Sherman's March. Government was in shambles. Families were torn apart and fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers were dead. Almost every aspect of society, as both white and black Southerners had known it, revolved around an economic system that no longer existed. Both groups were forced to find new methods of survival. – More about the Reconstruction and the particular challenges African-Americans faced with the coming of freedom
Period immediately following the Civil War during which the federal government attempted to force the former Confederate states to govern themselves according to the laws and customs of the rest of the United States. During this time (also known as the period of "Radical Reconstruction"), federal troops helped enforce universal male suffrage, and former leaders of the Confederate Army were barred from serving in public office. For the first time, African Americans were elected to serve as legislators and governors in southern states. Despite the fact that no state was ever controlled by a majority of African Americans, white southerners bitterly resented being forced to treat African Americans as equals, and by 1876 the period of Radical Reconstruction had effectively ended.
Theoretical portrayal of an ancient environment on the basis of geologic and fossil data.
an interpretation formed by piecing together bits of evidence
Returning a place as nearly as possible to a known earlier state. This process is distinguished by the introduction of materials (new or old) into the 'fabric'. The process is not to be confused with either 're-creation' or 'conjectural reconstruction'.
Stage of embalming where morticians use cosmetic methods to recreate a figure similar to the mourners.
Recreating a non-surviving site, landscape, building, structure, or object in all new materials. (National Park Service
The actions taken to recreate, in whole or in part, objects or other cultural material.
resedimenting of the open noetic context, as a tool of eidetic investigation. See also Deconstruction.
In the context of this CD-ROM, reconstruction is the process by which the 3D volume images of the embryos (reconstructions) are built from the original 2D images of the histological sections.
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procedure where metal, plastic, or allografts or a combination of these replaces the damaged bone in the area of the metastasis.
Complete reconstruction (i.e., remove and replace existing pavement) on essentially the present alignment for distance of at least 0.3 miles.
Reconstruction was a band formed by John Kahn to occupy him while Jerry Garcia, his long-time musical collaborator, was busy with the Grateful Dead. The band's original guitar player was Jerry Miller, best-known for performing with Moby Grape. Garcia, who wanted to play in a jazz band, replaced Miller in 1979.
A process by which one tries to recover a continuous dynamical system from discrete samples of its output. There is a large literature on the subject. See [] for details.
The process that maps the discrete image samples computed by resampling into a continuous surface. In this process, pixel values between the sample points are computed using a method such as bilinear or bicubic interpolation. Compare with Resampling.
A change to the existing capital structure of a company eg a share split or consolidation.
Any periodic reorientation of the surface atoms with respect to the bulk crystallographic structure. The motivating force may be foreign atoms (adsorbates) or simply the fact that the atoms are at the surface (the top neighbours are missing). When a surface reconstructs, in most cases it forms a - superstructure Bulk atoms that become surface atoms by cleaving the crystal...... may reconstruct
The act of constructing again; the state of being reconstructed.
An attempt to construct a particular type of plant community without particular regard to the prior community on the site or where no present vegetation exists.
the activity of constructing something again
reorganization of the affected territory, reconstruction of the built environment, restoration of basic services, and the development of the economy with a view to re-establishing the pre-disaster conditions.121
Actions taken to re-establish a community after a period of rehabilitation following a disaster. Actions include construction of permanent housing, full restoration of all services, and complete resumption of the pre-disaster state.
the act or process of reproducing by new construction the exact form and detail of a vanished building, structure, or object, or a part thereof, as it appeared at a specific period of time.
exact model or replica
The process of digitally correcting or fixing an image from its' original physical copy
the mathematical process by which the displayed image is produced from the raw k-space data obtained from the receiver circuitry, typically utilizing Fourier transformation and selective filtering.
The process of identifying the explicit and implicit steps in an argument given by another and then putting them together in a form that indicates how the reasons fit together and how they are intended to support their conclusion. Also, the second stage of critical thinking in which this is done.
a methodical imitation of the original that might use new materials or modern utilities if not obviously apparent
a systematic verification and compilation of data from various sources that takes into account all of the discrepancies
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a line which the analyst draws through the data in order to organize its variance over time
making or building something in the same ways as it would have looked in the past
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See breast reconstruction.