Definitions for "National Liberation Army"
Keywords:  marxist, leninist, eln, rcito, guevara
a Marxist terrorist group formed in 1963 by Colombian intellectuals who were inspired by the Cuban Revolution; responsible for a campaign of mass kidnappings and resistance to the government's efforts to stop the drug trade; "ELN kidnappers target foreign employees of laarge corporations"
a terrorist organization in Bolivia that acts as an umbrella for numerous small indigenous subversive groups; a revival of a group with Marxist-Leninist ideologies originally established by Che Guevara in the 1960s
The National Liberation Army (Albanian: Ushtria Çlirimtare Kombëtare - UÇK ; Macedonian: Ослободителна национална армија - ОНА), also known as the Macedonian UÇK, was an insurgent guerilla organization that operated in the Republic of Macedonia from 1999-2001. Although linked with the Kosovo Liberation Army (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Kosovës), with which it shared initials and a very similar name, it was officially a separate organization. The collaboration of the groups, however, implicitly suggested that they were one in the same, and with the same goal of forming a Greater Albania.