Definitions for "Containment"
the act or policy of restricting the influence or territorial growth of a hostile nation.
the doctrine put forward by George F. Kennan and adopted by the USA in March 1947 as the basis for its policy towards the USSR during the Cold War. It involved providing assistance to any government threatened by "Communist Expansionism".
A foreign policy designed to prevent the expansion of an adversary by blocking its opportunities, by supporting weaker states through foreign aid programs, and by using coercive force against the adversary to brake their expansion. This was the grand strategy of the United States toward the Soviet Union during the cold war era. (Mingst 44, 76). Close Window
That which is contained; the extent; the substance.
the act of restricting some deleterious substance within a confined space, especially when such material is released unintentionally or by accident; as, containment of nuclear waste; containment of an oil spill. Also used attributively, as a containment boom.
a structure surrounding a nuclear power plant designed to prevent release of radioactive materials into the environment in the event of an accident.
The point in which a fuel break or fireline around the wildfire has been completed. The wildfire may still be burning within that perimeter and would therefore not yet be "controlled."
Fire Control] A fire surrounded by a control line is considered contained. It does not mean the fire has stopped burning or is under control within the lines.
The status of a wildfire suppression action signifying that a control line has been completed around the fire, and any associated spot fires, which can reasonably be expected to stop the fire's spread. The act of controlling hazardous spilled or leaking materials. see also: Contained
The concept of regional eradication of communicable disease, first proposed by Soper in 1949 for the elimination of smallpox. Containment of a world wide communicable disease demands a globally coordinated effort so that countries that have effected an interruption of transmission do not become reinfected following importation from neighboring endemic areas.
The application of service techniques or special equipment designed to preclude or reduce loss of refrigerant from equipment during installation, operation, service and/or disposal of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
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The work area, usually a "dirty" sealed off from other "clean" areas.
A structuring relationship. Used for Managed Objects in which the existence of a Managed Object is dependent on the existence of a containing Managed Object. source: ITU-T X.720 domain: Information Model usage: EU-P202
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Those procedures taken to keep a material in its container.
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the act of containing.