Definitions for "Junta"
A council; a convention; a tribunal; an assembly; esp., the grand council of state in Spain.
A small committee or group self-appointed to serve as the government of a country, usually just after a coup d'etat or revolution, and often composed primarily of military men. The term is used mostly in Latin American countries.
A group of military officers controlling a country especially after a revolution.
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A junto.
Junta is Phish's third studio venture, recorded and released in 1988 but not officially hitting stores until May 8, 1989. The album was later released on October 26, 1992 by Elektra Records. It is considered by many to be the group's masterpiece, containing symphonic-like epics, large-scale improvisation, and multi-part progressive rock suites.
paramilitary group that seeks governmental or state control through threat or use of armed force.
wind blowing through Andes Mountain passes, sometimes reaching hurricane force.
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The Junta is a large, powerful tribe of native Mwanans.