Definitions for "Masterpiece"
Anything done or made with extraordinary skill; a capital performance; a chef-d'œuvre; a supreme achievement.
A work done with extraordinary skill, especially a work of art, craft or intellect that is an exceptionally great achievement. To some, this means the best piece of work by a particular artist or craftsperson. Historically, a piece of work presented to a medieval guild as evidence of an apprentice's qualification to attain the rank of master.
Originally a work submitted to the guild by an artist to prove his/her expertise. Today it is used to describe art of outstanding quality.
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an uptempo lp cut
Chubb Personal Insurance's registered brand of products offered in various parts of the world.
a major Haskell program or contribution that is widely used by the Haskell community or by others
a core part of the SSA financial management solution
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a film that is a leading movie in its genre
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a book that has a thousand years in it
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a metal statue that is perfect in every way