Definitions for "Paradise"
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The garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve were placed after their creation.
The abode of sanctified souls after death.
A place of bliss; a region of supreme felicity or delight; hence, a state of happiness.
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"Paradise (Not for Me)" is a song by American singer Madonna from her 2000 album Music and Mirwais Ahmadzaï's album Production.
Paradise was the sophomore full-length album from Philadelphia, PA's Paint It Black, which followed up the band's CVA debut LP from 2003. It featured a more melodic hardcore sound than that of previous releases from the band.
Paradise is an album by the American musical duo Joy and the Boy. It was first released in Europe in 2001, but was released in the U.S. (Nardis Records) until 2004.
Paradise is a multiplayer battle simulation game with a Star Trek theme. It is an enhanced version of Netrek with support for up to 32 players in an expanded galaxy with new ship types, weapons and resources.
"Paradise" is an episode of The Outer Limits television series. It first aired on 16 June, 1996, during the second season.
"Paradise" is an episode of the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the fifteenth episode of the second season.
Paradise is a 1982 English language romance and adventure film starring Phoebe Cates and Willie Aames, written and directed by Stuart Gillard.
Paradise is an adventure game by White Birds Productions, a company formed by Benoît Sokal who was also responsible for the adventure games Amerzone, Syberia and Syberia 2.
To dream that you are in Paradise, means loyal friends, who are willing to aid you. This dream holds out bright hopes to sailors or those about to make a long voyage. To mothers, this means fair and obedient children. If you are sick and unfortunate, you will have a speedy recovery and your fortune will ripen. To lovers, it is the promise of wealth and faithfulness. To dream that you start to paradise and find yourself bewildered and lost, you will undertake enterprises which look exceedingly feasible and full of fortunate returns, but which will prove disappointing and vexatious.
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A churchyard or cemetery.
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"The Qur'an and the Hadith present paradise as a place of extreme beauty, sinless, with no presence of pain or sorrow, and ample physical fulfillment."
a good place
An open space within a monastery or adjoining a church, as the space within a cloister, the open court before a basilica, etc.
a new, semi-comedic and deliberately psychological play that explores the effects of perception, memory, trust and fidelity on interpersonal relationships
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a wise, warm, and wry memoir
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Paradise is a 1991 film written and directed by Mary Agnes Donoghue.
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The place of rest for the departed in Christ. The original Paradise, seen in Gen. 2:8 14, will be restored in its fullness following the Second Coming of Christ. See Luke 23:43; 2 Cor. 12:4; 2 Pet. 3:13; Rev. 2:7; 21:1.
A European Directory Services pilot and now infrastructure in which SURFnet participates.
According to tradition, a place which the human race originally inhabited and either left voluntarily, expecting to be able to return easily, or was thrown out for failure to keep to the house rules.