Definitions for "Cloister"
An inclosed place.
A covered passage or ambulatory on one side of a court;
the series of such passages on the different sides of any court, esp. that of a monastery or a college.
To confine in, or as in, a cloister; to seclude from the world; to immure.
seclude from the world in or as if in a cloister; "She cloistered herself in the office"
an enclosed convent where the nuns are kept secluded from the world
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In 1893, the year in which Cloister won the Grand National, this fine, handsome, big stamp of a chaser made the contest look like a one horse race. The ground was hard that year due to a spring heatwave and Cloister won in record time, with record weight (12-7) and by a record distance (40 lengths).
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Seat of Moirai power in the Middling age. Located inside Techlean Corporate next to the division city of Nexus Port.
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Cloister is a Mac OS X application designed to keep track of technical papers. PDF versions of papers are stored alongside their BibTeX details and it's easy to generate BibTeX files and citations for your LaTeX documents.