Definitions for "Nexus"
The Nexus is a software to provide user-authorization and access-management for sites using PHP. Users can be associated with inheritable groups (ie. if the group the users is a member of is a member of another group the user is a member of that group too
Human trained to channel religarum against immortals by focusing self or group belief.
Nexus is a Toronto-based percussion ensemble made up of percussionists Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Robin Engleman, Russell Hartenberger, and Garry Kvistad. The group formed in 1971 with a concert of entirely improvised music. Nexus primarily performs contemporary classical music, though the group also performs world music and 1920s xylophone rags.
Shimano's internal 4/7 speed hubs.
The information super hub, collates information from a range of diverse sources on to a single screen.
The Nexus is a spatial anomaly that exists in the fictional universe of Star Trek and was key to the plot of the film Star Trek: Generations. It is a ribbon-like energy pattern that travels through space. When it comes into contact with sentient lifeforms they are turned into part of the energy pattern.
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Nexus is an excellent progressive rock band from Argentina. Their prestige is extended around the entire world, with many shows performed in different countries (Argentina,Brazil, Mexico, USA, Chile, Panama) and important sales, reception and reviews of their albums.
Nexus was an Estonian pop band formed in 2003 which split up in 2006. It consists of singers Janne Saar, Merlyn Uusküla and Helen Randmäe. The first two albums had mostly an electronic up-tempo and general pop sound, though their latest album had some rock influences.
Nexus was an acid jazz and funk band based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
L. = a bond; gap junction between cells.
The process used to determine if a company must collect sales tax in a particular state. Generally, this is determined by whether a company has a substantial physical presence in the state, i.e., a store, an office, a warehouse, or a similar physical structure.
a physical presence, such as a store, used in determining the tax status of a sales transaction
Nexus is an instant messaging application that allows communcation over multiple protocols through a unified user interface. MSN Messenger, AIM and ICQ protocols are currently supported.
Network of Excellence in Multifunctional Microsystems. Established in 1992 with European Union funding, Nexus is now a non-profit association headquartered in Grenoble, France, with the aim of providing access to information and guidance on MEMS/Microsystems.
Connection; tie.
a connected group of people - a network
The transitional, or joining point connecting physical matter (which, in a sense, is energy condensed) and pure energy, and containing properties of both definites, i.e. the physical brain producing a mind through its network of dendrites and firing axions, or the body's connection to the spirit. The concept of the Nexus is the basis for much conjecture and postulating.
This doorway destroys all ships present when it is placed on the far end of the spaceline; when it moves to a new location at the end of very turn; and whenever a ship moves to or appears at its location. (See Borg Ship for a definition of "appears at".) See far end of spaceline, farthest planet, etc.. A player may relocate their personnel from under The Nexus either while it is on the spaceline or after it is placed on table. Personnel under The Nexus are in play and may use skills when appropriate, but may not initiate personnel battle.
This project is to enhace the power of the web for the basic HTML programmer by alowing you to create from scratch or convert an existing HTML site into a highly dynamic and extensable site based on chosen code. includes WYSIWYG and server.
a region of the design space where a set of related system components clump together with sufficient internal coherence that it is reasonable to demarcate the boundaries of that region in a formal way
Clandestine international organization.
Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive
a silicone double dildo, it is angled so that one end goes inside the vagina of the woman wearing the harness, while the other end penetrates another person.
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a center or synergy of related things
A point in a dimension through which access to other dimensions or time periods is mere easily achieved than at other points.
A point in one dimension through which access to other dimensions may be achieved.
NEXUS is a program introduced to allow frequent travellers who are not a security risk to either Canada or the United States to cross the border with minimal formality. Members of the program are permitted to use designated lanes to avoid the long waits which can be common at the border. The program applies to those who enter either country via land, air, or by water.
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an inter-dimensional link
the division of a world into two; the decision causing this
An area that holds portals to multiple worlds. Or a single portal that can lead to multiple worlds.
NEXUS: enterprise information system, development platform and tools
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a device that can be a parent of other devices
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Nexus is a an easy-to-use but powerful web-based file management system.
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A set or collection of something.
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a meeting place
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See C-C nexus.