Definitions for "Ruling"
an expression of the ATO's view on how a particular provision of the law should be interpreted or administered
a written statement by the Secertary, of limited application to one or a small number of taxpayers, interpreting the statutes to which it relates
a written statement issued by the National Office to a taxpayer or his or her authorized representative
Used in marking or engraving lines; as, a ruling machine or pen.
The act of one who rules; ruled lines.
Folios were ruled to provide guide lines for copying and this ruling often consists of a frame with horizontal lines for writing. Scribes often ruled the folio themselves before they began copying. Ruling may be in ink, pencil or drypoint. scribe One who undertakes the physical act of writing by hand. This includes those who take down dictation or notes (perhaps onto a wax tablet), amateur scribes writing for themselves, professional copyists, and authors writing down their own works. In the case of the Auchinleck manuscript, the scribes were all, it seems, professionals who copied each text from an exempla.
A decision or rule of a judge or a court, especially an oral decision, as in excluding evidence.
The decision of a Director based on the Official Tournament Rules regarding the legality of a play or question about game procedure. See Director and Official Tournament Rules.
decision by a tournament director or committee.
Predominant; chief; reigning; controlling; as, a ruling passion; a ruling sovereign.
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a slap in the face
The result of a conformance check for a single governing privacy policy. A conformance check result can be Allow, Deny, or Defer. A failed conformance check returns a default ruling. See also default ruling.
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exercising power or authority
a step in the right direction to improve our nation's health
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See Screen ruling.