Definitions for "Inscribe"
Keywords:  engrave, imprint, carve, trophy, rune
To write or engrave; to mark down as something to be read; to imprint.
To mark with letters, characters, or words.
To imprint deeply; to impress; to stamp; as, to inscribe a sentence on the memory.
Keywords:  snugly, planar, geometry, touch, figure
draw within a figure so as to touch in as many places as possible
Contain within a shape, touching it at various points.
In geometry, an inscribed planar shape or solid is one that is enclosed by and "fits snugly" inside another geometric shape or solid. Specifically, there must be no object similar to the inscribed object but larger and also enclosed by the outer figure.
To assign or address to; to commend to by a short address; to dedicate informally; as, to inscribe an ode to a friend.
register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members"
address, as a work of literature, in a style less formal than a dedication
To draw within so as to meet yet not cut the boundaries.
to cut decoratively into a surface for e.g.. wood or clay
convert ordinary language into code; "We should encode the message for security reasons"