Definitions for "Leading"
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Leading is a typographic term referring to the vertical space between two lines of copy. Leading is measured from the baseline of one line of type up to the baseline of type above. Leading is expressed in points.
this refers to the spacing between lines in printed text - the term comes from the days of mechanical typesetting where bits of lead strip were used to separate one line from the next
Pronounced “ledding,” this is the space measured in points between rows of text from baseline to baseline. For example, 12 on 12 means there is no additional leading, and 12 on 13 is 12 point type with one additional point of leading. The term leading is taken from the days when thin strips of lead were placed between lines of type to space them apart.
Type of ascent where the rope goes from the climber and directly to the Belayer. As the climber progresses up the wall, they clip the rope into sequential Quickdraws thus safeguarding themselves
Climbing up and clipping quickdraw's as you go. Enables routes without top-ropes to be climbed safely.
The accumulation of lead in the bore of a firearm from the passage of lead shot or bullets. Also called Metal Fouling.
Lead deposited in the bore from the friction of lead bullets rubbing against the bore, or from gas-cutting of lead bullets. A form of metal fouling, some leading is normal; however, excessive leading can destroy accuracy and raise pressures.
Guiding; directing; controlling; foremost; as, a leading motive; a leading man; a leading example.
The act of guiding, directing, governing, or enticing; guidance.
Guiding another person in a specific direction.
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Changing what you do with enough rapport so the other person or group goes with you.
Changing your own behaviors after obtaining rapport so another follows. Being able to lead is a test for having good rapport.
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Leadwood Lead_azide
indicating the most important performer or role; "the leading man"; "prima ballerina"; "prima donna"; "a star figure skater"; "the starring role"; "a stellar role"; "a stellar performance"
greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement; "our greatest statesmen"; "the country's leading poet"; "a preeminent archeologist"
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having the leading position or higher score in a contest; "he is ahead by a pawn"; "the leading team in the pennant race"
Refers to aiming just ahead of an enemy's flight path.
When an attorney puts words in the mouth of a witness during a trial, through the direction of his or her questions.
purposefully formulated to elicit a desired response; "a leading question"
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going or proceeding or going in advance; showing the way; "we rode in the leading car"; "the leading edge of technology"
edge: side of the kite running from the nose to the wing tip.
The extent to which a rotor blade of a gyroplane is displaced forward from its normal position relative to the rotor head.
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Leading and lagging Legal bankruptcy
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Suggestion; hint; example.
Effective communication of intended actions by the leader through the use of leader's own body movements and through one or more physical or visual connections to the follower.
Effective communication of intended actions on the part of the leader, through the use of his own body movements, and through one or more connections to his partner (physical and/or visual).
The power relationship between two or more individuals where the power is distributed unevenly.
The tendency that certain notes and chords have to resolve to other specific notes or chords.
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A sense of being called by God to undertake a specific course of action. A leading often arises from a concern.
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the activity of leading; "his leadership inspired the team"
Assembling a work of stained glass where lead came is the holding material.
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Linear Programming Lot
Strategy used by a firm to accelerate payments, normally in response to exchange rate expectations.
establishing and influencing others to follow a specific direction.
Management activity that involves instructing and authorizing others to perform the necessary work. Sometimes called directing. 13.32 Leasing computer, 1.23
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The action of playing a card as 1st hand. The lead determines which suit must be followed.
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See To Proceed as Way Opens.