Definitions for "stained"
marked or dyed or discolored with foreign matter; "a badly stained tablecloth"; "tear-stained cheeks"
a discoloration of the water usually occurring after a heavy rain.
especially of reputation; "the senator's seriously damaged reputation"; "a flyblown reputation"; "a tarnished reputation"; "inherited a spotted name"
Keywords:  pink, tint, hue, slight, wine
white wine made from grapes with coloured skins which give a very light pink tint
A white wine that has a slight pink hue due to being in containers that had previously used for red wines.
Keywords:  varnish, coating
having a coating of stain or varnish
Keywords:  brushed, glass, reveal, oxides, overall
glass on which oxides are brushed and then fired, giving a consistent overall color to the surface; this stain can be cut through to reveal the under color.
Glass: A window with a colored picture or shapes.