Definitions for "Actions"
The specific activities or steps that lead or contribute to achieving the Sub-goal, Goal, or Outcome and can be taken locally by individual agencies, organizations, community collaborations, partnerships, etc. Create partnerships that pair trusted community based organizations that have access to residents with skilled training organizations and/or community colleges
Activities, to improve a process, which are measurable and achievable.
The specific activities or steps that contribute to achieving the outcome of school readiness or its preconditions sub-goal, goal, or outcome and that can be taken by providers of services and supports, local collaboratives, and funders , , and policymakers Strengthen community connections to prenatal services by publishing annual report cards, creating widely representative citizen advisory boards, and distributing health-related materials in multiple languages.
are statements that instruct a movie to do something while it is playing. For example, gotoAndStop sends the playhead to a specific frame or label. In this manual, the terms action and statement are interchangeable.
Commands in ActionScript that are used to create scripts to control a Flash movie.
What an e-mail client software system must do every time a rule is activated - i.e. when messages come from, file them in the e-PRO folder. (file them in the e-PRO folder is the action).
Tasks which can be defined and executed by MDSplus. Used for data acquisition or automatic analysis.
In state machines, actions are HDL statements that are used to make assignments to output ports or internal signals. Actions can be executed at several points in a state diagram. The most commonly used actions are state actions and transition actions. State actions are executed when the machine is in the associated state. Transition actions are executed when the machine goes through the associated transition.
Actions is an album by My Awesome Compilation and was released on Sorepoint Records on August 8, 2005. The first single from the album was track two, "Put Up A Fight".
Outputs from the method conclusion, these are processes that enable the event records in the AMOS Events database to be manipulated once the respective action firing conditions have been satisfied. Create, change and delete are actions.
Actions are attached to a Player, Thing, or Room and, when triggered, perform some action. Actions that are attached to a Room and linked to another room are commonly known as Exits. Triggering an Exit takes the Player that triggered it to the linked room. Actions can do many things but, unless you run a game, you probably won't need to create any.
The action links allow the user to navigate the renewal and perform various options. For specific definitions, please refer to the glossary of terminology.
Voluntary responses to sensory cues that are consciously willed by the mind.
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In SQL*Forms, operations that you may perform. Some actions are selected from menu lists; others are controlled by function keys.
Actions are functions, inputs or features that are allowed by the role.
The behavior of a person or organization. The Project develops the relationships among actions, values and laws.