Definitions for "Satisfied"
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"Satisfied" was the second single released from Squeeze's ninth album, Play, in the UK, and the first in the United States. Although only a promotional radio single was released in the US, the song climbed to #3 on the Modern Rock charts there. In the band's homeland, a full commercial single release failed to chart at all.
"Satisfied" is a song recorded by Richard Marx for his sophomore album, Repeat Offender, which went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.
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If in the opinion of the court a consumer pays all the money due, the public record item is satisfied.
If a consumer has paid all the money the court says he/she owes, the judgment is called "satisfied."
Paid or performed in full.
allayed; "his thirst quenched he was able to continue"
filled with satisfaction; "a satisfied customer"
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Pleased, contented.