Definitions for "filled"
containing as much or as many as is possible or normal; as, filled to overflowing. Opposite of empty.
entirely of one substance with no holes inside. Opposite of hollow.
having appointments throughout the course of a period; -- of an appointment schedule; as, My calendar is filled for the week. Opposite of unoccupied and free
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(usually followed by `with' or used as a combining form) generously supplied with; "theirs was a house filled with laughter"; "a large hall filled with rows of desks"; "fog-filled air"
A descriptive term for cheese from which all butterfat has been removed and in its place a vegetable oil has been used as a substitute. Filled cheese also is referred to as imitation.
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Cables that are gel filled.
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A deal that has been executed on behalf of a Customer's Account given a Customer's Order. Once filled, an Order cannot be canceled, amended or waived by Customer.
An adhesive which contains particles not part of the chemical formula for the purpose of changing properties such as electrical conductivity or increasing volume.
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(of time) taken up; "well-filled hours"
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The filled Element