Definitions for "formula"
The project Formula can be used for the computation of numeric expressions that is written as string. Main features of the project are high computation speed and simplicity of use. Formula can be used for writing of calculators, plotters and etc.
A prescribed or set form; an established rule; a fixed or conventional method in which anything is to be done, arranged, or said.
A written confession of faith; a formal statement of foctrines.
a delicious way for children to supplement their diet with the essential fatty acid DHA to support normal development of the brain and retina
a delicious way to ensure adequate intake of the essential brain nutrient, DHA
a high concentration DHA
A prescription or recipe for the preparation of a medicinal compound.
a rather strict recipe for novel, often assigned by "work-for-hire" publishers of romance novels that come with a wine glass or adult novels that have very much the same covers, with more-or-less interchangeable characters
a recipe that you can either follow or mess with a little
The formula role of a conjunctive (And) or disjunctive (Or) expression, quantifier (Forall or Exists), or performative (Assert, Query or Protect). (See: connective module and quantifier module)
A set of statements, with a list of universally quanitified variables and a list of existentially quantified variables. In N3, a literal formula if representated by braces {}.
(4) A general rule for finding the value of something. A formula is often written in abbreviated form with letters called variables. Example: A formula for distance traveled can be written as d = r * t, where the variable d stands for distance, r for speed, and t for time.
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a liquid food for babies, containing most of the nutrients found in breast milk
An alternative to breast milk, baby formula is usually milk-based but is also made from soy products.
A prepared milk-like product, given by bottle to infants instead of, or to supplement, breast milk
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chemistry what elements are in a mineral Elements
More commonly used in the world of film than for describing the stage, it usually refers to a "sure-fire" method of structuring a script (i.e. it must include certain elements and arrive at a certain ending). For example, there have been a slew of movies where a group of misfits are thrown together and ultimately become the David that slays Goliath on the athletic field (e.g. The Bad News Bears).
a series of moves that one can apply, given the pattern that the cubes are in
Formulas for: Area of a square A = s s = side l = length w = width b = base h = height r = radius of a rectangle A = lw of a triangle bh of a circle Perimeter of a square P = 4s of a rectangle P = 2l +2w Circumference of a circle C = 2 Volume of a cube s = side l = length w = width b = base h = height r = radius of a box lwh of a cylinder of a cone of a sphere
In predicate logic a formula consists either of a predicate applied to one or more aguments, or a combination of such `atomic' formulae linked by the connectives `not', `or', and `and'. See also Axiom/Theorem.
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A circuit where each gate has fanout 1.
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a language/multitasking OS for the Atari ST and Mac
Under certain state and federal programs, this is the method used to divide appropriated funds equitably among jurisdictions. It does so using specified portions derived from criteria such as population, per capita income, or the relative prevalence of the problem intended to be solved.
The basis for determining the amount of pension to be received or contribution to be made under a retirement plan.
The means for determining most TRS retirement benefits. There are two formulas. The 2.2 percent flat-rate formula took effect July 1, 1998, and governs service credit earned after that date. Each year accrues at the rate of 2.2 percent. Service under the old formula may be upgraded to the new formula upon payment of a voluntary employee contribution. The four-step graduated formula governs service credit earned prior to July 1, 1998. It pays the following percentages for each year of service credit. First 10 years 1.67% per year Second 10 years 1.9% per year Third 10 years 2.1% per year More than 30 years 2.3% per year The maximum percentage of final average salary that may be paid as a formula benefit is 75.
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A set of specifications that defines a class of racing cars; Formula One is the best known.
a clause in an MDX query which defines a Set or a Member
a set of sequences of states
see chemical formula, empirical formula, molecular formula, structural formula
a great starting point to structuring your message for maximum impact and meaningful results
a valuable addition to any well-balanced nutrition program
a conventional system for structuring cultural products
The list of ingredients, which make up a product, including the percentages of each and the methods used to mix or assemble the ingredients when manufacturing a product. May also refer to the product itself.
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a shortened way of writing an idea
In regards to hybrids, the parents' name forming the hybrid. The names are connected by the multiplication sign X (by)
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Force = Mass x Acceleration ( = ma)
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a mixture of special foods
a liquid food for infants
an attempt to reduce a more or less extensive group of facts to a shorter generalization
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a relationship among dimensions
a body of information collected from your answers to a short set of questions
a combination of defined factors which yields a stated result
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a small piece of programming that creates dynamic information This window is accessed from the following screens
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a well known technique to carry the customer along with you
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See Need Analysis Formula.
(r) a list of the materials and their amounts used in the preparation of a compound.
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directions for making something