Definitions for "Determinant"
Keywords:  matrix, algebra, solve, square, vector
The sum of a series of products of several numbers, these products being formed according to certain specified laws
a square matrix used to solve simultaneous equations
a critical aspect of a matrix and it was introduced as a means to solve simultaneous equations
Something that makes something else change. For example, what you eat can make you have more red blood cells, and if red blood cells were being studied, the food you ate would be a determinant.
A spatially localized molecule that causes cells to adopt a particular fate or set of related fates.
Part of the antigen molecule which binds to an antibody-combining site or to a receptor on T cells (see hapten and epitope).
a determining or causal element or factor; "education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life"
Any definable factor that effects a change in a health condition or other characteristic. ( Harm)
Any factor, whether event, characteristic, or other definable entity, that brings about change in a health condition, or in other defined characteristics.
A mark or attribute, attached to the subject or predicate, narrowing the extent of both, but rendering them more definite and precise.
an attribute that determines another column is called a determinant
Keywords:  crucial, battle, vote, cast, deciding
having the power or quality of deciding; "the crucial experiment"; "cast the deciding vote"; "the determinative (or determinant) battle"
Keywords:  serves, limit, causes
Serving to determine or limit; determinative.
That which serves to determine; that which causes determination.