Definitions for "Discriminant"
A function of the coefficients of a polynomial of one variable. It is essentially the product of all possible differences of roots of the polynomial. Therefore the discriminant is zero if and only if the polynomial has repeated roots.
a characteristic of a repeater signal from which the repeater can be identified
a quantity (usually invariant under certain classes of transformations) which characterizes certain properties of a quantity's roots
a parameter for a composite type
A discriminant is a parameter of a composite type. It can control, for example, the bounds of a component of the type if that type is an array type. A discriminant of a task type can be used to pass data to a task of the type upon creation. (16)
A discriminant is a distinguished component of an object or value of a record type. The subtypes of other components, or even their presence or absence, may depend on the value of the discriminant.
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a group of three letters specifying which key is to be used for Enigma setting
The eliminant of the n partial differentials of any homogenous function of n variables. See Eliminant.
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the portion under the radical sign