Definitions for "Coefficients"
The Coefficients was a dining club founded in 1902 at a dinner given by the Fabian campaigners Sidney and Beatrice Webb. It was a forum for the meeting of British socialist reformers and imperialists of the Edwardian era.
A constant chemical or physical property constant for a system with specific conditions (i.e. Coefficient of Friction).(Course Material/Ultrasonics/Physics/reflectiontransmission.htm)
A constant that is multiplied by a variable is known as a coefficient or a scaling variable.
The numbers in front of the letters in a mathematical expression, for example, in: 4d + 5t2 + 3s, the 4, 5, and 3 are coefficients for the d, t2, and s.
The coefficients of the basis functions in the linear combination expression of a molecular orbital.
Limits that must be met legally when investing in assets that form part of the portfolio of the fund.