Definitions for "Constant"
Not liable, or given, to change; permanent; regular; continuous; continually recurring; steadfast; faithful; not fickle. Opposite of changeable and variable.
Remaining unchanged or invariable, as a quantity, force, law, etc.
Consistent; logical.
Firm; solid; fixed; immovable; -- opposed to fluid.
A number expressing some property or condition of a substance or of an instrument of precision; as, the dielectric constant of quartz; the collimation constant of a transit instrument.
A number used over and over with an operation performed on many numbers.
a sequence of digits representing a decimal integer
a sequence of one or more decimal digits, optionally preceded by a minus-sign ('-')
An integer (for example: 1, 20, -10), a floating-point number (for example: 12.35), or an atom. Constants are recognized by the built-in predicate atomic/1.
WATTAGE AUTOTRANSFORMER (CWA) BALLAST: A popular type of HID ballast in which the primary and secondary coils are electrically connected. Considered an appropriate balance between cost and performance.
The constant “c” can be set and is required by the tachograph to display speed or rpm correctly. On the DTCO it is adjusted to the vehicleâ€(tm)s distance pulse count with the aid of approved service diagnostic systems.
onitor - Method for carrying out the wristband test in real time at the workbench.
continually recurring or continuing without interruption; "constant repetition of the exercise"; "constant chatter of monkeys"
steadfast in purpose or devotion or affection; "a man constant in adherence to his ideals"; "a constant lover"; "constant as the northern star"
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an immediate operand
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The amount of complaining that comes from the guy who's too ignorant to do anything for himself, and has to have you come over to his desk every five seconds and show him how to find records.
The percentage of the loan paid in equal regular payments that provide principal reduction and interest payments over the life of the loan. Usually expressed annually.
A factor representing twelve times the monthly payment expressed as a percentage of the original loan account. A short-cut to providing annual debt service.
Percentage of original loan paid in equal annual payments that provides principal reduction and interest payments over the life of the loan.
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an amazing kick drum and well developed depth to each track
Meters do not directly measure energy or power, but rather measure some other factor which is then multiplied by a constant in order to determine the amount of energy or power used.
A factor that, multiplied by the total loan amount, or total principal yields the annual debt-service payment (principal plus interest) required to amortize a loan.
1. A constant binding. 2. A literal constant. 3. (~ binding) Read-only. 4. (~ slot) Not assignable. Constant slots do not have setter functions.
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a data field whose contents are set once and then used repeatedly
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The term used to describe a minor variety which appears in the same place on the sheet throughout multiple printing runs of a stamp.
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a unique handle
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a name for an object, e
See object.
Represent objects in the domain
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See Co-efficient.
the characteristics or elements that remain the same
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a kind of virtual container that stores a specific piece of information
a characteristic or condition that does not vary, and is the same for every individual
a form of data required for processing that is not dependent on the input to the system
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A programming or system constant.
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See named constant.
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Same as mortgage constant.