Definitions for "Letters"
in Scots law there were various types, those in the name of the Crown being under the signet seal; most of the types are covered under the headings, caption, cocket, diligence, fire and sword, horning, inhibition, lawburrows, marque, poinding, regress, reprisal, respite and slains. "Letters of four forms" were a form of diligence incorporating successive means of getting debtors to pay up. They rapidly became obsolete; like apprising they may have been considered too abrupt for the popular taste (given that they seem to have been the horning, poinding and caption in one)
writ or warrant, e.g., of caption, a signet letter following on horning for the arrest of the debtor.
Letters is the second full-length album by Butch Walker, released on August 24 2004 on Epic Records. It featured an enhanced CD portion with the music videos to "Mixtape" and "Don't Move".
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The collection of Greek letters that identifies a Greek organization is referred to as that organization's "letters." It can alternatively indicate a garmet displaying the letters. Only duly inducted members are allowed to wear a Greek organization's letters.
The Greek Letters that are associated (as in the name) with the organization.
The first Greek letter of each Greek word that makes up the name of the fraternity or sorority are often displayed on clothing. For example, Chi Omega's letters are CW. Some organizations don't allow new members to wear letters (only the name spelled out), while others do.
the literary culture; "this book shows American letters at its best"
the 21 books of the New Testament from Romans to Jude, also known as "Epistles". They were formal and instructive, many being written by the apostle Paul to the Christian congregations he founded.
Letters and e-mail require a considerable investment of time and thought since they represent you, who you are, and what mutual interests you seek to explore. A "contact" letter must exclude a resume or else the target will assume you are asking for a job, when in fact you are asking for advice. A "cover" letter includes a resume since it is sent in response to an ad requesting your resume. A "thank you? letter should always conclude with the phrase, "I will keep you informed of my progress", to suggest the possibility of a continuing relationship.
Letter-size mail. Mail which is rectangular and whose dimensions fall in the following ranges: height 3.5-6.125 inches, length 5-11.5 inches, and thickness .007-.250 inches.
Consist of handwritten/typed communications and/or written/pictorial enclosures to and from offenders. A standard first class, one ounce letter shall be consistent with the dimensions, weight, and thickness as prescribed by the U.S. Postal Service. A properly addressed and stamped post card or greeting card shall be processed with the same standards as described above for a first class one ounce letter. Nonstandard first class mail requires a surcharge as established by the U.S. Postal Service. Referenced by 450.100 - Mail for Offenders
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See Amarna Letters.
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See DMM specifications for letters
The authority granted by the court to the personal representative to act on behalf of the estate of the decedent and refers to what has been known as letters testamentary and letters of administration.
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scholarly attainment; "he is a man of letters"
a single object that dominates the center of the composition